Congratulations to Barbara Matusiak on her adoption of Rapunzel! Rapunzel will have two donkeys and two horses to keep her plenty of company! We are so excited that she has found a home where she will be well spoiled and loved! 

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We are so completely happy that Bootsie found a home with Lacresha Jackson and family! Lacresha and their daughter have been wanting a kitten for so long…and they have finally found her! It was a complete surprise to their adorable 4 year old. Whats even more bittersweet is that sadly Lacresha just lost her mother and in sweet, sweet memory she is naming Bootsie after a great woman, her beloved best friend-her mom…Carol Ann. Although it’s hard to let rescues go, it’s such a sweet touching moment to know “Carol Ann” will play such a special part in their lives, especially with a well loved person like Lacresha. May “Carol Ann” give you all the unconditional love, snuggles and comfort you deserve during this time of healing.  

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Happy Sunday and “gotcha day” for Stormy and the Overton’s! We had the pleasure of meeting these two very sweet people and feel that Stormy couldn’t have found the more perfect family to love him! He will share his space with two special rescue dogs as big brothers and be such a well loved and spoiled kitty in their home! 

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We have some exciting news we have been trying so hard to keep secret this entire past week! Chance has something to tell you, can you read his bandana?!?!?

Chance met a family at our open house who absolutely adored him! They asked to do a trial adoption for a week to make sure he got along with their other dog and that he was a good fit for their household. His adoption is now final as they fell in love with him (which with him-is so easy to do ) and he has settled in perfectly with their family! Before he left us he spent time being loved on by a few members of our team, eating “pup cakes” (from the wonderful Baked on the James), playing with his favorite toys and saying his goodbyes.

Chance, from the scared and starving boy who just happened to cross our path, weighing barely 36lbs to now over 58- you have come so far and it’s bittersweet to say farewell to you. We always knew this day would come, which is why we gave you your name-because you deserved just that-a second chance at life, love and a new family. We are so very happy that you have found just so-a warm safe haven to lay your head, a couch to share with your new dog sister and children to snuggle: a place you can now call home. 

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Wonderful news!

Beau has been adopted!!

It has been such a journey seeing how far Beau has come-from a scared and broken hearted pup to showing us how affectionate, loyal and utterly adorable he can be!! His new family has absolutely fallen in love with him and he couldn’t have found the more perfect home to spoil him in (what he deserved from the beginning)! There were definitely HAPPY tears shed-he has come so far and we couldn’t be more excited for him in his new life and forever home.

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Dustin has some exciting news!!!

He got adopted!!

We are so excited for him and his future! He is heading to his new home later this month (because of prescheduled traveling commitments) but we couldn’t deny keeping him just little longer-so he can have the perfect home with her! His life will be filled with more love and fun than he could ever imagine! His new owner spends lots of time outdoors, loves hiking and is so beyond excited to have him tag along with her on a daily wherever she goes!

The picture below is of her at Itasca State Park. She told us the most wonderful story with tears in her eyes-they say to walk halfway across and make a wish, at that very spot, in which she did. She could have wished for anything that day, but instead she wished for the right dog to come into her life. When she came home she received a call from her daughter that she had found a dog named Dustin who was perfect for her and wanted her to come meet him. Yet, she had no idea that her daughter had even been looking for her.

She realized that wish she made at that very spot…had come true.

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Miss Delilah had a great checkup on Tuesday and went to her forever home with her new family!