Our donor garden

Around the end of last year we had the pleasure of accepting a donation in honor of a person who had passed, but wanted to make sure their monetary assets were spread across the community to do good deeds.

However we were not allowed to publicly acknowledge this person in any way-their lasting legacy was wanting to remain anonymous.

This donation meant so much to us. We had been working hard to raise the money over a multitude of months and fundraising events to expand and create more space for the never ending amount of animals in need and building supplies are so expensive!

This anonymous donor allowed us the opportunity to build 2 more shelters and a buy a large amount of fencing for the animals here.

What some may think is a small act, touched us beyond measure. We found our own way to honor them, as a couple of our very special volunteers have been working hard to create a beautiful memory garden: a place to sit, focus on one’s thoughts and take in it’s own breathtaking grace.

Rescue is often hard and trying on the soul, but it’s selfless acts such as these that remind us of the unseen beauty done every single day and so many good hearted people that we’ve met along the way.