Meeting Shorty Rossi!

We’ve met some really awesome people on this journey! We already love Cynthia Childress and Chili Childress, two extremely amazing people with Beauty Through The Rust (501c3 nonprofit), who we’ve quickly connected with over our shared love of our furry friends!

They reached out to us because their dear friend Shorty Rossi was in town and wanted to show him around, particularly have him meet some donkeys. Shorty is a idol in the rescue world and widely known for his role in Animal Planets “Pit Boss” which ran for 6 seasons. He’s dedicated his life to promoting his love for these sweet animals and promoting breed awareness. He is a huge advocate for animal rights, sponsoring spay and neuter clinics, running his own bully breed rescue and sanctuary…just to name a few of the many incredible things he’s done!

Of course we were more than happy to show them around and spread awareness as to why we love donkeys. It was such an honor to have them all come out and spend time with all of the animals here.

Luigi Francis Shorty Rossi