The first Giving in January event was a success! We had over 20+ volunteers from the community, friends and family show up to help with the expansion of the rescue. We accomplished a lot today, digging and placing posts and beginning shelters. It was incredible to see those gather together from near and far and volunteer their time to create a safe haven for the animals! We were truly amazed by many compassionate and selfless people who gathered together to create something wonderful!

Lumber, nails, posts, gates, roofing-it’s all so very expensive. Even when you shop around, cut corners here and there, it’s still pricey. BUT- it’s so necessary.

If you’d like to be a part of this and cannot necessarily volunteer your time but would still like to make a difference and would like to donate to this project, we would be so very grateful for anything. Every single dollar helps as it offsets the amount spent on fencing and shelters and it’s one more dollar we are able to spend on the care for these animals instead. 

The expense to care for abused and neglected animals is always high, as the need is also never ending. However it is also so, so important. There is never enough room to take in all those that need our help. However we do what we can, as best as we can, to touch as many lives as we are physically and financially able. They depend on us.

To the wonderful people who gathered together today to lend your time-we cannot thank you enough!

Update - January 28th

We literally have the best volunteers and friends! Another Saturday in the books and another step closer to more finished space for animals in need! 

We had quite the excitement as the pigs decided they wanted more of the donuts that we bought for the volunteers and that two for them just wasn’t enough-so they decided to escape and join the volunteers to see if they could snag some more!  They were safely corralled and treated for their escape efforts. 

So excited for the progress made and so thankful for the wonderful people who came to help on this beautiful day! 

Update - April 29th

We now have completed three fenced-in sections to house more animals! Also, thanks to the help of Debby and Mike Hoskins, who have been diligently helping us using their amazing carpentry skills, we have thankfully completed two fully functional shelters!!!