Milo's Surgery

Before Milo was rescued, he would be seen wondering a long way by neighbors in search of food or water each day. Overtime, being out in the sun everyday caused him to get really bad sunburn on his ear. Lighter animals are naturally more prone to sunburn than darker animals and can benefit from sunblock to prevent this from happening. When we took him to the vet to see what they thought about it, they said it would be a good idea to do surgery before it got worse and traveled down into his ear canal. At that point, it would be extremely painful and since there is no cure, the vet decided his best chance at life would be to have it removed. He is home after surgery, a little groggy and on pain meds. He has to wear a cone for 12 days, which he is not very happy about, but we are trying to make him as comfortable as possible.

March 25

Update on Milo, his ear is healing slowly from the surgery to remove cancer from his ear. He had complications over the past two weeks from swelling and a secondary infection and not all his stitches could be removed so they adjusted his medication again. The Vet is happy with the progress he is making and he’s only on two medications now instead of five. Here he is dreaming of the days he can ditch the cone, go outside again and enjoy the sunshine!

April 1

Sweet little Milo has had complication after complication. After 3 weeks in a cone, 5 vet visits and multiple medications where his ear wasn’t healing properly, he finally was able to have all of his stitches removed yesterday! Here’s to hoping he only has 2-3 more weeks in a cone before he can enjoy the outside again and many more years of climbing trees, chasing mice and bathing in the sun! (With sunscreen on his little ears of course) For now he’s enjoying the love of some little girls which is his other favorite thing.

April 20

This little boy is so happy! It’s been 8 long weeks since he had surgery, 8 long weeks eating, sleeping and drinking in a large cone, medications after medications and 8 long weeks with no outdoor play! He has waited so long for this day to come (and so have we!) for him to be able to be healthy enough to be back in his happy place once again soaking up the sunshine!

Don’t forget all light-colored animals are prone to cancer and could use a quick layer of sunscreen on their little ears, it can help them live a longer happier life! 🧴