Meet the Team!

Natalie Jenkins 

Avid Animal Lover & Dream Achiever

Website Designer & Junior Volunteer Co-Founder

Future Executive Director

Dog & Cat CPR/First Aid Certified 

Intro to Wildlife Rehabilitation (Wildlife Care Academy) 

TNR Certified (Community Cats)

Equine Emergency First Aid Certified

  Ashley Jenkins

   Executive Director


Grant Writer & Author of FHAH Newsletter 

Ashley spent her childhood volunteering with animals and being actively involved through the CASPCA. Her life sent her in different directions but always led her back to caring for animals. Through years of actively volunteering at various local nonprofit rescues, she discovered her passion for the welfare and care of abused and neglected animals. Her journey inspired her to strive to make a difference through the work of FHAH and all those who enter through its gates.

  Shawn Jenkins




Shawn is such a huge help to our nonprofit and makes a continuous effort to assist our mission here at FHAH. He is always ready to aid with one of our many projects, mend a broken fence, drive the tractor, transport animals, or build shelters to ensure the animals always have a safe and warm space of their own.

Emily Peterson


Emily is a Unit Coordinator and Intensive Care Nurse at a local hospital where she is actively involved in the care of critically ill patients. Emily has always cared for others and enjoys spending her free time with  animals of all kinds. She is always ready to do what she can at FHAH and faithfully believes in advocating for the voiceless.

       Mary Bova

      Vice President

Mary is a lifelong advocate for the welfare of all animals and an avid believer in doing what she can to help protect pollinators and all species of wildlife. She has an especially extensive background in the welfare and care of horses and spends her free time with her beloved animals on her beautiful farm located close to FHAH. Mary is always willing and ready to step in to help the animals here and we are so thankful to have her as a part of our team. 

Just a FEW of the wonderful people in Finally Home Animal Haven’s animal advocate community!❤️