Stormy! 👇

Bootsie! 👇

Stormy and Bootsy

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A Good Samaritan contacted us this morning about two kittens someone dumped on the side of the road in the middle of the bad storm we had last night. Despite the fact that she had no power, she did the best she could to dry these kittens off and house them overnight. She was worried and reached out to several different agencies and couldn’t find anyone willing to help. We took these babies in and went straight to the vet to get them the help they needed. They are estimated to be between 4-5 weeks old but are very malnourished and need to be fed every couple of hours. The black one has a severe eye infection and needs his eyes cleaned and an ointment applied multiple times a day as his eyes we're so infected, he couldn't see. Now he can see but his eyesight is blurry. He also has more trouble maintaining his body temperature. Please keep these babies in your thoughts and hope for a healthy recovery as they have had a hard beginning!

June 7th

Baby boy is now opening his eyes! They are no longer draining and he is attempting to see! He still has a thin layer over his eyes so hoping he will continue to see better day by day. He still needs help using the bathroom, but his sister is now using the bathroom fine on her own! They are eating every 3 hours so can’t wait to see what they weigh on Thursday! Here’s to hoping they continue to get stronger day by day!

June 11th

This little lady who we now named Bootsie (because of her 4 white paws) and little guy we’ve named Stormy (because of how he was found) are now eating every 4-5 hours! Due to the fact they were so malnourished, they are still a half of a pound shy of the weight they are supposed to be-but the vet is very happy with their progress, as they are gaining weight quickly! Stormy is now able to use the bathroom on his own! The infection he had caused bad ulcers on both of his corneas so we are continuing to treat his eyes daily, as the ulcers slowly heal. These adorable babies are turning out to be such lovebugs!

July 1st

Guess who’s ready for adoption? Bootsie and Stormy both went to the vet again today and got a clean bill of health! After a month of treating Stormy's eyes his ulcers are gone and he can now see so clearly! They have been dewormed twice, got their first distemper shot, gotten flea and tick treatment and are finally at the weight they are supposed to be!!!! If you’d like to add one of these sweet snuggly adorable kittens to your family or better yet…both…get your application in!! Adoption fee is $75 per kitten (which just helps our small rescue offset a portion of some of the vet bills.)