On warm sunny days like these, Milton (our oldest senior) is happiest grazing in our front yard eating the green grass! Most people don't know donkeys are not just like cattle and cannot eat lots of green grass and clover. Grazing on tons of lush grass is bad for donkeys because it has lots of sugar and can cause them to gain weight very quickly and cause other medical problems. To avoid this, we try to keep it cut down in their pasture, so they don't get too much and mostly eat hay. Occasionally, however, Milton can be seen trying to be an escape artist- rushing through the gate past whoever is entering his pasture just to eat the grass on the other side! The only time he gets enough energy up to run is when food is involved, since he is 35 years old and has arthritis, which he gets a pain pill for every day. We try to let him do the things that make him the happiest so he can enjoy however long he has left. So if you happen to drive by our farm and see a donkey just hanging out in the front yard (don't be confused, and don't worry-he's being supervised!πŸ˜‚) Just know he's living his best life! There's nothing better than watching him look so peaceful, happy and free on a warm, sunny day! He sure deserves it! ❀❀