Meet Rapunzel! She is approximately an 8-year-old mini mare transferred to us from our favorite horse rescue, Hope's Legacy. She is hard to catch sometimes, scared of people and quick movements, but Natalie hit it off with her quite well from the beginning. We will be working with her to help her learn to not be so scared of people and to over time enjoy being in their presence. She will eventually be up for adoption after she learns to trust and knows that humans can also be her friends.

May 20th

Natalie has been working with Rapunzel multiple hours daily since she arrived on Monday sitting in her pen, talking and reading to her. She didn’t care for grooming tools very much we noticed or even your hands really, as they seemed to scare her. At times, she tried to nip as a defense mechanism she’s learned over time to protect herself. Twice a day she gets groomed and she’s slowly learning not to try to jet when they touch her skin. At one point yesterday we even noticed she was starting to close her eyes several times as if she is somewhat starting to enjoy it. She’s funny though as she keeps her ears back as if she's used to being tough and doesn’t want anyone to know it. Once she lets her guard down, she’s going to shine and show she’s such a special mini underneath, we just know it!

May 22nd

When you have thick hair like this pretty girl does, it actually helps equines cool off in the heat by braiding their hair to keep it off of their neck! Regular grooming their mane also helps keep parasites at bay by brushing through it frequently.

May 25th

This sweet girl has grown so much! She loves going on daily walks and has started meeting you at the gate in the mornings ready to go, easily letting you reach out and grab her instead of running away from people like she used to! The fact that she’s letting us groom her and braid her hair now is amazing to see-as she used to not even let the brush touch her! She will be available for adoption in about a month, so get your application in if your interested in this beautiful girl! She has foundered badly in the past, so she will have to live on a dry lot. She would love to have another mini pony as a friend as we know she will make a great companion!