Even our oldest donkey, Milton, likes to play with the boot! Look how gentle Gus Gus is being, as if he secretly knows Milton is much older and can't play as rough as the others.

Playful Donkeys

All of our donkeys L❤VE to play! Even though they are seniors, they still play like teenagers. Gus Gus, our most playful donkey, loves to play with rubber bowls and old boots. In the early morning or late evenings, you will most likely see the donkeys playing throughout the field. They can be seen kicking up their feet, rearing on their hind legs and chasing each other as if playing a game of tag, just like dogs do. When Gus Gus plays with someone, he normally ALWAYS has a boot in his mouth, as if saying "come on-play with me!" to the other donkeys. It seems that the others don't fully understand why he loves the old boots so much, but they quickly become entertained and enjoy playing along. Sometimes it looks like they are playing rough, but they are just having fun!