A special wish for a 74th birthday!

We were contacted by a sweet woman who wanted her momโ€™s 74th birthday to be an extra special one this year! Her mom had recently told her that donkeys were her favorite animal and that she always wanted to pet one. Of course her amazing daughters wanted to make sure that dream came true. They surprised her by scheduling a trip to FHAH.

We wanted to go even farther and not only let her pet one, but show her the indescribable feeling of love that they radiate when you are lucky enough to experience a donkey hug. She got just that for her birthday!

She spent the day surrounded by a bunch of donkeys, treating them and learning what makes them so special. We were told that she talked about that donkey hug for the rest of the day.

We were beyond thrilled and touched to be a part of her special day and to be surrounded by such caring and loving ladies.