Our Mission

Finally Home Animal Haven is a nonprofit rescue in Scottsville, Virginia dedicated to saving abused, neglected and surrendered animals and helping them find their lifelong home. We are dedicated to rehabilitating, retraining and safely placing these animals into a forever home or when not possible, providing a permanent sanctuary here at Finally Home Animal Haven.

We are devoted to educating people about these loving misunderstood animals and helping to provide them with a forever home: a place where they will never experience unnecessary pain again brought onto them by a cruel human hand. A place where they can live out their lives without having to work until they are no longer needed and thrown aside, a place where possibly for one of the first times in their life they will feel only love. They will never have to worry about having a shelter to shade them from the storm or wonder where they will get their next meal, a place where they can live out the rest of their lives peacefully, a place where they will always feel: Finally Home.