Donkeys are smarter than you think!

Did you know-In the wild, donkeys make paths to a water hole so they never forget where it is? It is actually instinctual for all donkeys to follow the same path daily. If they walk off the path to forage, when they are done eating, they will make a way back to the path and continue on their trail.ย  Next time you visit Finally Home Animal Haven, make sure to look in the donkey field for the trails they make!ย 

It is a common misconception that donkeys are a pest in some areas because they consume and trample on native plants. However research has shown that when donkeys find and dig water holes that they help increase accessible water, decrease the distance between water holes for other species and the water is actually much cooler and cleaner. They found even vegetation grew more around these water holes where previously was in scarce supply and that donkeys helped those ecosystems thrive!ย 

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