Meet Our Rescues!

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❤️ Sanctuary residents ❤️


Oliver is 30 years old. He had a really rough beginning! We do not know everything about his past, but when he was saved by a wonderful rescue located in Appomattox, he required surgery because he couldn't urinate properly and had to gain 200 pounds. He is now thriving wonderfully here and slowly learning to trust people! 


Grumpy lived in a cow field for most of his life with other cattle. He had lots of lush green grass and hay-and for a long time we think he must have thought he was a cow too! Grumpy is very spoiled because he holds a special place in our hearts! It is wonderful to watch Grumpy play and learn how to be a donkey again with all of his donkey friends!


Jackaroo is 25 years old. We call him the treat stealer! He loves to greet people by searching the pockets of visitors to see if you brought him anything! He loves to give donkeys hugs and get his ears scratched while doing so...and for some reason he hates when he's not getting all the attention, he's the king of photo bombing people while they are taking selfies! It's hilarious!


Lizabeth is 25 years old. Believe it or not Jackaroo and Elizabeth are brother and sister! Just like Jackaroo, she's happiest when she's getting all the attention from humans, more so than she is playing with other donkeys! We are pretty sure she thinks she's a human too!


Nora is 20 years old and she was left on a farm with over 150 animals. She had broken withers, severely overgrown hooves, and neglected to the point of starvation but a wonderful rescue in Texas worked hard to save her life. After lots and LOTS of grain to get her back to a healthy weight, we are happy to report that we have been able to cut back her feed to almost half and she is now maintaining her weight well. Thankfully she is happy and healthy now living her best life and will never have to worry again about where her next meal will come from!

Gus Gus 

Gus Gus is 15 years old. He is a very kind donkey and he loves both ear and butt scratches! He has this big bottom lip he lets just hang when he's content and it makes him look like he's just the happiest donkey on earth! His favorite toy is old discarded boots and can be seen throwing them in the air to see how high they will go!


Baby Hatter is 12 years old and has cancer. We are giving him a place to live his best life possible-for  however short or long that may be! He can occasionally be seen having bursts of energy, kicking up his feet even, running as fast as he can across the field from time to time! He sure seems to be happy here at Finally Home Haven, getting as much love (and treats!) as his little heart desires!


Milo came from a rescue in Charlottesville. He belonged to a man who lived alone with no family and hoarded quite a lot of things. He passed away, but no one happened to care about what happened to his cat. So Milo, for years, wondered to and from his old owner's house on a search to find any kind of food or shelter, but was constantly being shooed off of people's bench's and away from their porches. One day a nice woman captured him and asked if we wanted him, he no longer has to worry about having a nice warm bed and children to snuggle him! The moment he came home with us, you could tell he was so grateful to no longer have to search for a home or be out in the cold. He loves to be wherever we are and often follows us on walks in the woods even when we are hiking with the donkeys, never letting us out of his sight! 

   ❤️Animals who will be ready for adoption in the next couple months ❤️

Meet Lucy, Ethel and Ricky!

This young trio was rescued from somewhat of a hoarding situation where they had to get rid of them quickly or their lives would have been cut drastically short (they are only 6 months old!) We agreed to take these babies in to prevent them from being sent to slaughter before they even had a chance to live. ❤️ 

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Millie and Marley

Meet this beautiful mother and son duo Marley and Millie! These two sweet donkeys are a bonded pair and they are so incredibly cute together. Millie’s motherly instincts are so apparent as she is always checking and watching over her son Marley. Twenty years ago Millie (who is now 24) arrived to her owners and a couple of short months later delivered Marley, who was a complete surprise to all. Their owners and their kids loved them dearly and they all grew up alongside each other. However as life happens, the kids eventually went away to college and their owner started dealing with disabling health issues of her own. She desperately tried to find someone to help with them but was unable and they started developing painful white line disease/thrush in all of their hooves and weight issues, which overtime can impact their health and make them lame. She knew it wasn’t fair to them and because they loved them so dearly, she knew she had to do what was best for them. Being able to make such a selfless choice like this, even though it is so very hard-is such a admirable and necessary quality to have when making decisions for the animals we love. 

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Meet “Willow” We were contacted by a kind samaritan who had secretly been watching over Willow and bringing her food. Willow lived alone in the woods in a small round lot secluded at the end of an empty property where no one knew she was.  She had another mule for company,  her best friend, prior to the owners deciding to "humanely" put him down with a gun rather than incurring a vet bill.

There she stayed for years without another animal.

For years her owners only visited once a week ...enough to give her enough hay or water to keep her going. Her trough, (which contained merely an inch or two of water most days) was full of leaves and dirt. The owners would top it off with a little more every time they came, just barely enough to get her through. They also added bleach to this every now and then instead of cleaning it.

Her blanket tattered and torn was tied on her with twine and left on her for months at a time, even in 80 degree weather. 

There she sat, alone, for YEARS. No one to love on her, nothing to occupy her, no shelter-ever. When the neighbor through the woods found out about her, she tried calling animal control multiple times asking for something to be done. But as far as she knows-NO ONE EVER EVEN CAME.

When the neighbor reached out to us, we tried contacting the owner, but our calls were ignored. So we visited the property and were able to get the owner to surrender. She admitted to everything- including that Willow was deathly scared of men because her husband had beaten her so bad-including a time when she accidentally stepped on his foot so he tied her to a tree and beat her so badly that she submitted to a sitting position. She also admitted that she had considered shooting Willow as she had done to the other mule.

Luckily Willow is in her safe haven now, here with us, but she needs a lot of TLC and gentle hands knowing we won't ever hurt her. Her hooves are overgrown and misshapen from years of having laminitis, she needs a farrier to correct her hooves so she can stop tripping over her feet, she needs vet treatment, daily medication, and special feed, and nothing is cheap. According to her owner, her teeth have never been floated...we can't imagine what pain she has had to endure daily while just chewing!

We need help with her expenses. We couldn't just leave her there!

Please consider donating to help her get the care she’s always deserved but never had!

Our baby ducklings!

While stocking up on supplies for the animals, we came across baby ducks that were basically being given away. There were 3 smaller than the others that no one wanted who were shivering, overstimulated, scared and hiding. They were “too old” (at over a week old!! ) to sell and anyone willing to take them and raise them as “meat birds” were encouraged to get them out of there before they would be “of no use” when the other shipment came in. We know we can’t save them all but we just couldn’t imagine walking out that door leaving these sweet little faces behind to have no purpose in life other than being raised simply to be sent to slaughter as soon as they were able. (Which usually happens as early as 7 weeks old!) 

Animals who are ready for adoption!

Meet Piglet and Wilbur! This father and son duo arrived over the weekend from a lady who loved them dearly and tried everything possible to make sure they stayed safe. She needed to move and reached out to several different sanctuaries but to no avail and the only other people who were interested in them, wanted to send them to slaughter. She couldn’t bare to have that become their fate since she had raised them since piglets and Wilbur had the habit of following her son around like a puppy dog. We told her that we would help ensure her beloved animals would stay safe. 


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This happy boy has been looking for a place to call his own for a couple months now. Saved from euthanasia just in the nick of time only because he was one animal too many. We know that he wasn’t meant to leave that day and he wasn’t meant to live his life out in a shelter. He just needs that special someone to open their heart and home to him!

He is a sweet boy who loves to play. He is UTD on all of his shots, neutered and in great health. He is 5-6 years old, would do best with older kids and as a only dog.

Finally Home Animal Haven

Adoption fee is $100

Let him know your that someone he’s been waiting for!


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Huckleberry had his surgery to get neutered and spayed. It went really well and he's recovering great so far! Huckleberry has wonderful news-he has found an adopter! After he recovers he will make his way to his forever home. 


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Mama Luna has been spayed and is up to date on all her shots! The vet thinks she is 6 years old but she is so sweet and acts like a young lady! She loves getting attention and being near others. We can’t imagine how many litters she possibly went through before losing sweet baby Asher. She is doing great though and is up for adoption! We can’t wait for her to find a home to be spoiled in- like she deserves!  Adoption Fee $75

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit finished up his daily pain medicine and we can tell he is feeling so much better! (If you didn't know, he had a nasty ear infection) The crust and inflammation have finally cleared up in his ear canal. He was getting 8 drops in his ear twice a day for 10 days (which has been a fun process to administer -since you have to hold them in a special way so they don't kick and hurt themselves in the process).  

He is now looking for his forever home! He is a sweet loving bunny who wants to cuddle all the time! 

Adoption fee: $30

❤️ Resting with the Angels ❤️

     Dillon 🐾

   "If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever." ️

This cuddle bug has spent his entire life, a long 8 to 10 years- tethered to a chain, starved and abused. He was supposedly used for breeding at some point, and we are not exactly sure how but at one point his leg was very badly wounded causing extensive bone damage. Due to lack of care the bone tried to repair itself overtime, so he walks with a permanent limp. He is timid and scared of everything but loves people so much already. Looking into his sad eyes, you can tell he’s never felt a loving hand, so he soaks every second up that he can, lying in your lap, just wanting to be with you, never knowing what the next second will bring. He needs to put on a lot of weight and has a long road ahead of him, learning to heal not only physically but learning that not all humans are bad. He has such a special sweet, sweet soul we can tell already, that’s why he deserved a special name- Dillon, meaning “Ray of hope” because that’s truly what he is. ❤️

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Click the arrow to take a look at Miltons life and how happy he was. 

A picture that was painted of a beautiful moment that happened right before he passed. He was consoling her and telling her that is was going to be ok. Painted by a wonderful artist JA Wilson ❤️

Milton ❤️

We’ve thought long and hard about the right words to say…meaningful words to honor Milton’s life and the lives he’s touched.

But, how do you find words for a soul that meant so much to so many?

Milton, who was 37+ (in which the vets think he was actually much older) crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday afternoon. He began to have more bad days than good and he started to slowly become unstable on his feet over the past several weeks. His arthritic body could no longer support him and he was in pain. We tried EVERYTHING but in the last 24 hours he just didn’t want to walk anymore. He was tired, he hurt, and we knew it was time. It wasnt fair to keep him around because we were the ones who weren’t ready to say goodbye.

In the hours before his passing, while we were mourning the fact our time with him was coming to an end, he leaned in to nuzzle one of his favorite girls faces as she was crying and all that we can say is in that moment-we knew he was saying “Don’t cry for me, I’m going to be okay.”Our sweet beloved Milton…was trying to console US.

He spent the entire day enjoying more fig newtons and animal cookies than we could have counted, being loved and kissed on. He passed painlessly and peacefully, surrounded by so many that loved him. The sky and the stars shone brightly last night as we buried him in a spot that he could watch over all of his friends.

Milton came to us about a year and a half ago and we knew going into this journey with him that our purpose was to offer him a happy, comfortable end of life for whatever length of time he had left. However, we never knew just how much he would capture the love of everyone around him and what kind of profound impact he would have on our lives and our hearts.

We racked and racked our brains to figure out how to honor his memory, but we think instead we actually want to share with you how he LIVED. He loved long walks in the woods, playing with an old boot, grazing all the grass his heart could desire, but most of all he enjoyed people. He loved spending his time next to anyone and everyone who came to visit. In the short time he had here, he was loved and spoiled, his life mattered. Our purpose was to keep him happy and comfortable and we did just that.

Rest easy sweet Milton, we are so very thankful to have had you in our lives.


I wish I could say every story has a happy ending. However if that was so, there wouldn’t be a need for rescue.

We were contacted about a mama cat and a baby around 4 weeks old. They had been taking care of the mama cat and created a hut for her outdoors. About a week and a half ago they noticed that the mama was not making any milk and took the baby cat indoors. Thinking for one reason or another that he wouldn’t survive if they took him to a shelter, they decided they would intervene.

Babies this small are so fragile, taking on one is time consuming but worth it. They have to be fed often, every 3-4 hours at 2 weeks and 4-6 hours at 3 weeks. That means feeding at 7pm, 10pm, 1am, 4am, and 7am and continuing throughout the day. Not stopping while at work or at school. Not a couple times a day. It’s hard, it’s physically and mentally draining, but it’s NECESSARY. If you only feed them when you can, their blood sugar can become low and they can become very weak. You have to be available. Sometimes even when you do EVERYTHING right…they still fail. Think of a newborn baby.

The kitten who been taken indoors had already started to walk but after a week or so he started to use the bathroom on himself and began eating very little. He was failing to thrive and they didn’t have money to take care of either the mom or the baby. He had fleas and his body temp was so low. Then, not sure why…but he was given a bath.  When he was brought to us he could no longer walk.

Please, for whatever reason…never give a sick kitten a bath!

When they came to surrender them yesterday evening, we thought the kitten was no longer alive. The poor mama kitty would pick him up and try to make him nurse but it was clear he was struggling. He couldn’t stay awake. His breaths were shallow. His body wouldn’t even register a temperature.

Within less than an hour of being with us we had already jumped in the car and sped away calling every emergency vet in the area. One was so backed up with a 6 hour wait. The next closest one was a hour from us but we drove there knowing he would be seen right away. We wrapped him in warm blankets and turned the heat on as high as it would go to try and get his body temperature up, it was so very hot on that ride but it didn’t matter. We tried desperately to get his blood sugar up. He rallied in the car and he attempted to try to walk! He tried moving around and lifting his head. He even tried crawling out of his blankets! He started meowing often. His cry was strong-so we had hope.

The vet at Veterinary Emergency Services took him in and started treating him right away. They put him in a incubator and continued to do everything they could. They also were hopeful as he even started walking around inside of the incubator and meowing more and more. However we all knew he was still not out of danger so we decided to give him the best possible chance at life and have him continue to be treated there overnight. The vet and all the staff there were so very thorough and kind and we are so very grateful for all they did to help little “Asher” in his fight. About 40 minutes after we left around 10:30pm, we received a phone call that little “Asher” had passed, around 4 hours after he was originally dropped off to us.

We wish someone could have intervened sooner. We wish help was gotten over a week ago when he first started declining. His little body could still have failed just the same, but at least we would have had more time to help him. However, wishing doesn’t change what has already happened.

He deserved a name. He deserved a burial. They all deserve someone to fight for them, and in the few hours we had him, we did just that. His life mattered.

We don’t leave animals behind, so we brought him here and gave him the burial he deserved. Two very special little ladies even made a sign for him.

The silver lining at the end of the rainbow is that mama cat is currently in our care. Mama cat who we have now named “Luna”-is missing her baby. She did the best she could to take care of him and now it is her turn to be taken care of. Our job is to make sure that she gets all the TLC possible.

She acts like every bit of food is going to be taken away from her so she gobbles it down as fast as she can. She is being treated for her fleas and we will not hesitate to continue in her care and getting her what she needs. Her life also matters. She wants love and this time it is about her. She is so very sweet and reaches out to you to be pet and comforted and loved on. If you would like to contribute in her care, we would be so very grateful.