Update on Willow

Willow is doing wonderful! We realized it’s been a while since we’ve updated on her so we wanted to let you know how she’s doing!

Willow has really come out of her shell! She has really started showing her sweet side to the volunteers! She loves getting attention, being brushed and doted on. She had a dental and had sharp points corrected in her mouth so she can chew more comfortably. She is still not at an ideal weight, but increasing feed must be done slowly, which we will continue to do until she’s at a great maintenance weight.

She loves going on walks, exploring new spaces, spending time with people and other equines. She has been such an angel for both the vet and farrier now that she trusts us more and knows we are only helping her get better.

September 6th

After all that Willows been through…she still loves anyone and everyone.

She no longer has to wonder when she will have fresh clean water, not a inch of water filled with mucky leaves and cleaned randomly by adding bleach…

She no longer has to wonder where her next meal will come from…

She still spooks sometimes when you move your hand towards her face too fast and she wasn’t expecting it, but we wouldn’t blame her knowing the abuse shes endured in her past. When you show her your hands she realizes she knows who you are and that everything will be okay. She will stand by your side and never leave as long as your there with her.

She trusts children. She actually ADORES children…we think they may be her favorite. She seeks them out and asks for their attention, such an amazing girl, so calm and gentle with them. Standing serenely, allowing them to brush and spray her.

It’s amazing what animals teach us on a daily basis…the fact that they learn to trust again… even when we’d understand if they didn’t.

“If you want to see the brave, look at those who can forgive.”