Peter Rabbit!

March 24th

Peter Rabit arrived to us after a woman released him into the wild to fend for himself! After the neighbor threatened to kill him, we agreed to take him in and be his safe haven. Building supplies are so expensive but we jumped right in to build him a hutch so he could have a home. Within a couple of days Peter Rabbit's ear started developing a crusty layer and becoming foul-smelling. We rushed them to the vet and to no surprise he contracted ear mites from being left to survive on his own and it had developed into a nasty ear infection.

Bunnies are sensitive animals and ear infections can quickly lead to neurological issues and seizures.

Peter Rabbit is now on 3 different medications including pain medicine and an antibiotic since his ear has quickly become a very irritated, swollen and very infected mess. Keep your fingers crossed that he will continue to get better since he's already survived the hardest part of dodging predators and living on his own!

April 8th

Peter Rabbit finished up his daily pain medicine and we can tell he is feeling so much better! The crust and inflammation have finally cleared up in his ear canal. He was getting 8 drops in his ear twice a day for 10 days (which has been a fun process to administer -since you have to hold them in a special way so they don't kick and hurt themselves in the process).ย