March 13th 

Meet “Huckleberry Finn” or “Huck”. This mischievous scared kitty had been seen around our rescue for a couple weeks now. On Tuesday last week, we left the door of one of the shelters open to let the warm sunshine in. The door was shut when it began to become very windy and a couple hours later when a volunteer came in, there was a small kitty hiding in the shelving!

It took several minutes and hands to catch him as he was very scared around humans. We quickly noticed his eye was misshapen, a little swollen and draining. He was ravenous like it had been a while since he had last eaten. We are so glad we happened upon him when we did because over the next couple of days his eye became more and more swollen.

We have been working with him gently and he gradually started to enjoy us petting him through the cage. Luckily he’s only between 6-9 months old so he is still young enough to learn we are actually his friends. Today he actually allowed several people to love on him outside of the cage for a while without being scared and seem to very much enjoy it!

He is underweight so we will be working to help him gain several pounds and the poor little guy has a very distended belly-so as usual with strays he is most likely full of worms.

The vet said has a condition called iris bombe-in which he said his eye probably had some type of damage to it in the past causing it to develop this way. Somehow he must of hurt his eye again recently so he is on a medication regimen. He can still see out of it luckily but we are working on a treatment to help him feel more comfortable and treat his eye condition. He is turning into such a sweet boy who just needed time and hands who care!


March 27th

Huckleberry’s eye is feeling better since beginning his treatment and he has turned into the sweetest baby! 


April 4th

Huckleberry finished his medications for his recent eye injury/infection and it has healed nicely! He received his booster shots yesterday and has gained weight-he is such a calm and affectionate boy who loves to snuggle!

Upon his second checkup, the vet is sure his eye was originally damaged when he was much younger (possibly by another animal) and grew to be this way. He must of re-injured it more recently getting into mischief (like a Huckleberry Finn would do). He can still see out of his eye, it just takes a little bit longer to contract and expand. Upon his checkup-the vet discovered he actually has all of his adult teeth, placing him closer to a year old!

As if Huck couldn’t get any cuter…being a polydactyl (he has 6 toes) and having two different shaped eyes…she said he is close to being full grown and won’t get much bigger than this! She said most likely his mom was small and so is he…being full grown between 6-7lbs!

He will be neutered at the end of the month and then will be looking for his forever home!

Forgive us as we are slightly OBSESSED with this adorable cutie and all of his differences!

Huckleberry Finn

Yesterday was a busy day as both mama Luna and Huckleberry had their surgeries to get neutered and spayed. They both went well and are recovering great so far! Huckleberry has wonderful news-he has found an adopter! After he recovers he will make his way to his forever home.