Update! 👇

After being beaten and left tied to a tree by the family that was supposed to be his safe haven, this scared boy is slowly coming out of his shell. He no longer growls and shakes until he’s so exhausted his legs give out and he wakes himself up again-remembering he’s supposed to be tough. He no longer takes 20 minutes to convince to come out of his cage-because he thinks something scary is hiding around every corner. He’s watching, listening and learning with his tail tucked between his legs-that every noise isn’t bad. He’s so so sweet, he just needs a chance to be able to trust people again.

It was heard when his owners sped away “I didn’t want the dog anyway!!”

Stop getting puppies because they are cute and discarding them because your lack of time, training, and care caused them to turn out differently than you expected!

“I am a forever pet, not a ’until pet’.

I’m not a ‘until you get bored with me pet’.

I’m not a ’until you find a girlfriend/boyfriend pet.’

I’m not a ‘until you have a baby pet.’

I’m not a ‘until you have to move pet.’

I’m not ‘until you have no time pet’.

I’m not a ‘until I get old pet’.

I am a forever pet.

If you can’t give me forever, then I’m not your pet.”


2nd update!

Sweet “Beau” (meaning handsome), has been learning to trust a little more day by day! When you become his friend, it’s obvious you’ve gained a friend for life. He’s quickly learned to trust us and stays attached at the hip to the people he’s decided are safe. When testing new places and noises he’s still quite jumpy of what’s around every corner. When arriving at the vets, he was unsure, but as long as the people he knew were in sight, he was very accepting and calm (even at one point wanting to be held like a baby). The only time he was reluctant was when the vet tech came in and wanted to separate us to take him in the back. He flopped down on the floor as dead weight and refused to leave our side, not knowing where these strangers were taking him. We practically had to attempt to carry him out of the room before he agreed to go. Once he realized that everything was okay and that heaping spoonfuls of peanut butter awaited him in the back office, he quickly agreed that the new people were okay! He is such a sweet SWEET baby and LOVES people once he gets to know them.

Since he was infested with fleas when he first arrived, he had a soothing bath and was treated with flea and tick medication. He has some missing hair on his hind legs and back, which is most likely from the fleas and living in unsanitary conditions. He is being treated for roundworms and needs to gain some weight because his body score is currently only a 3/9.

We still can’t believe that someone could have treated him this way. Animals are so much better than people, they love and forgive us time after time, even in situations when everything humans have put them through-proves that they shouldn’t.

“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal”- Joaquin Phoenix


Beau is a such a big baby! He is now 53 lbs (a gain of 15lbs+!), was neutered yesterday and is doing well! Even though he is not a fan of his collar, he is learning what it’s like to be spoiled-and enjoying every minute! (He deserves it )

Beau loves all kids! View the precious video below to see how he patiently listened to one of his favorite little girls giving him a pep talk about how one day he’d understand that the cone for his own good!