Updates on Annabel and her kittens!

We had a URGENT call yesterday!

Animal control had a another momma who had delivered babies the night before but was having neurological issues and refused to care for them, refusing to even clean them hours after birth! She actually hid from them, leaving them cold on the cage floor.

They told us they tried so many rescues, but they were hopeless as everyone is full, and no one could help. We knew that we had to help and figure out a plan as their lives literally depended on us. Newborns have to be fed so frequently…if they had no one to feed them soon, they wouldn’t be alive for long as they were already turning cold.

However we knew in our hearts we couldn’t leave them there to suffer and they had no other options. We picked the kittens up and brought them back, placing them on a warming pad and trying hard to get their temperature up. We got their sugars up, feeding them every hour until they started to move more and stimulating them to help them use the bathroom since they are too young to do this on their own and they can’t without a mother. They are fighting babies. We knew it would be a hit or miss but they had no one else and we couldn’t leave them there to slowly decline and suffer.

Momma Annabel was such a good momma to her baby, so proud and loving, but surprisingly she only gave birth to one. One thriving kitten so far. Could it work?

The clock was set to feed and check on them every 2 hours throughout the night. We laid them next to Annabel as she sniffed and let them lay next to her and her baby to stay warm.

This morning momma Annabel was trying to take them on as her own! However we are supplementing what she is producing with kitten formula until her milk sufficiently kicks in for the other four. We are not in the clear yet but sweet Annabel has so lovingly jumped in to try to help us save them. She is such an incredible soul!

We are definitely not out of the woods yet, but we have a plan and all we can do is the best we can do to help them have a fighting chance, which they didn’t have before.

If you’d like to personally help assist in the journey to help fight for these little babies…even $5 would help! No donation is too small when it helps the life of a animal, their lives literally depend on us.

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July 13th

Momma Annabel + baby + 4 foster babies UPDATE!

Momma Annabel is the absolute sweetest and loves taking care of all her babies…she literally purrs 24/7. She loves her babies, she loves humans, she literally loves…LIFE!

Orange baby is two and a half weeks now and loves to sleep on his back. He is starting to try to crawl frequently. We think he loves having new brothers and sisters, he is always snuggling right up to them as if he knew them from the womb.

The four foster babies have just turned two weeks old yesterday and have all started to open their eyes. They are clearly developing on a slower time schedule than orange baby, as we feel he hit the ground running, but developing just the same and we are so happy that they are progressing with such a rough start at life they had!

Also ADORABLE baby kitty dreams below

July 28th

Annabel’s 5 little munchkins are all 4 weeks old, learning sights and sounds, how to play and starting to clean themselves…and ….every single one of them appear to be a BOY! 

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August 9th

Miss Annabel’s kittens are growing so quickly! They are learning how to have fun and play and are almost completely weaned from momma and eating kitten wet and dry food. Lucky (the black and white kitten) has always been the smallest, needing more time to transition to walking, eating and playing then the others, however even he getting the hang of it and is starting to follow in their footsteps.

We’ve discovered Annabel is such a great momma, she wants to take care of baby dolls when not taking care of her own.

August 22nd

Annabel and her babies had their checkups yesterday but we think they enjoyed the staff at Old Dominion Animal Hospital the most! They were worn out from the vaccines but snuggled right in and loved all the attention. They are all scheduled for their neuters/spay in just under 3 weeks. Reach out to us if you would like an adoption application, do a meet and greet or possibly put a deposit down on a specific kitten/momma!

They will be ready for their new homes after September 11th!