Meet Dustin

Meet sweet, sweet Dustin! Dustin came to us from a animal control case where he was one of 9 very emaciated dogs, among various other animals. His owner was found deceased, but unfortunately was not found until 5 long weeks had passed. The animals tried whatever means they could to survive, but regardless several of them did not make it. Some of them have been starved so severely, it is still very much a hit or miss wether they will recover. They have lots of fleas which has also made them very anemic in the process, making recovery that much harder. Dustin, which which means “brave warrior” because of his strong will to survive in conditions in which he shouldn’t have, is one of them. He will require lots and lots of care, very small frequent meals to wake up his tummy and system again, in addition to vet treatment and care. If you’d like to personally assist in his recovery or lengthy vet care, any amount would be appreciated to help him in his long fight ahead. If you’d like to donate something with more of a personal touch, like a item or dog food, he would be very appreciative to anything, when he has gone so long without. He is just the most lovable boy, when we picked him up he laid in our lap-ready to go, begging for human touch. Gracie (who’s 8 ) said when he looked into her eyes, she could tell in her heart he was saying “thank you” . 


After losing his owner, going 5 weeks without food and beginning to lose hope, Dustin arrived to us being barely skin and bones. Over several months of slowly regaining weight and lots of TLC (gaining a total of 15lbs!!!) he is back in tip top shape!

He had a minor setback of dealing with an annoying ear infection, but after antibiotics and pain medicine he was finally healthy and ready to go ahead with his neuter, getting him one step closer to finding his forever home and a family to love! He is on day 3 post op and healing wonderfully!

He has an adoption pending, so keeping fingers crossed he’s finally found the family he’s been waiting for!

I don’t know about you, but we think he’s smiling!


Dustin has some exciting news!!!

He’s getting adopted!!

We are so excited for him and his future! He is heading to his new home later this month (because of prescheduled traveling commitments) but we couldn’t deny keeping him just little longer-so he can have the perfect home with her! His life will be filled with more love and fun than he could ever imagine! His new owner spends lots of time outdoors, loves hiking and is so beyond excited to have him tag along with her on a daily wherever she goes!

The picture below is of her at Itasca State Park. She told us the most wonderful story with tears in her eyes-they say to walk haveway across and make a wish, at that very spot, in which she did. She could have wished for anything that day, but instead she wished for the right dog to come into her life. When she came home she received a call from her daughter that she had found a dog named Dustin who was perfect for her and wanted her to come meet him. Yet, she had no idea that her daughter had even been looking for her.

She realized that wish she made at that very spot…had come true.