A Good Samaritan was trying to help him, but the dog was scared to death and barking at anyone trying to help with his tail between his leg, too afraid to trust anyone or let anyone near. Cars were backing up on both sides, trying to pass and dodge him and it was apparent he was going to get hit. Underneath all of this fur covering him, you can tell this dog hasn’t had a good meal for a very long time. With help from the Scottsville community and lots of yummy food, several people jumped in and we all helped to get him loaded up in a cage. He was 36.7 lbs when he first came to us and the vet said he should be over 70. He gets fed multiple small meals a day, since waking up his system again takes time and patience since he was only at half the weight he was supposed to be. He has since gained about 4-5lbs and the vet is very happy with his progress! He also received a B12 vitamin shot which was suggested to help him wake his system up and start helping him reabsorb nutrients again. He was Erlichia and Lyme positive, so he is on a 28 day course of antibiotics. He is a young lab/husky mix around 3-4 years old they are guessing and loves his thick beautiful fur to be brushed, loves to be walked and give kisses. We decided to call him Chance because he now has a new chance at life and we will strive to make sure he finds a home this time where he will finally get the love he deserves.